Interestingly, they have the same reaction to Mike’s fart

If it doesn’t kill them:

You might not know that small owl species are sometimes on the menu for larger owl species.  When faced with the barn owl, which is only slightly larger than itself, the Transformer owl puffs itself up to look as big as possible in an effort to scare the barn owl away.  When faced with the second, much larger owl, however, it does the exact opposite.  By elongating its body, flattening its feathers and squinting its eyes, this little owl mimics a dead branch in the hopes of camouflaging itself from the larger bird.  It’s a pretty amazing and odd-looking adaption, wouldn’t you agree?

Discovery blogs via Digg via Japan.

2 Responses

  1. i shouldn’t have watched this before going to bed

  2. What won’t the Japanese invent next!

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