Of course Bjork has a grill

Thats the gorilla dentist’s specialty:

And yes, I know eveyone hates Tank Girl, but I’ve had the luxury of only seeing it once in the theater and I liked it then.

Stomp Kangaroos?  You gotta love the 90s.  Or not.

2 Responses

  1. My sole reason for hating Tank Girl is Lori Petty.
    That shitty acting, that annoying voice – she’s terrible.
    The only movie she was right for was A League of Their Own, and that’s because she plays a whiny little bitch who never deserved to be a Rockford Peach. She belongs with those Racine whores.
    And can you believe she was the “love” interest in Point Break? Who could love a woman with a voice like tortured glass? That’s right, I’m proposing that if you took some glass, reanimated it like Frankenstein, gave it the ability to speak and feel pain, and then proceeded to torture it, the sound it would make is that of Lori Petty’s voice. Plus she has the body of a 10 year old boy…an ugly 10 year old boy…with an annoying fucking voice.
    And can you believe Gena Davis drops the ball at the end of A League of their Own? Why? The Peaches could’ve won and shown those Racine fucks what’s what. But no, she drops the ball and Kit, who was never that great a ball player, will never learn to lay off the high ones. And then there’s that scene where she complains that her sister is too good at baseball despite the fact that she wouldn’t even be on the team if it wasn’t for her. Was I supposed to be happy because she wears a skirt through most of the movie? Well I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy at all. In fact, every time I see one of her movies, I find it harder and harder to get an erection. Her boyish looks, bad acting, and squealing-demon-fart of a voice are slowly ruining my sex drive and effectively raping my ability to enjoy movies. And she’s supposed to be hot in Tank Girl! Malcolm McDowell is way hotter and he has a face like a scrotum.
    Seriously, every time she talks, its like there’s a dick in my ear pissing fire on my brain. But I should be happy that she’s permanently scarred my libido because there’s rabbits who play the fucking saxophone and like jazz? I’d rather suck ape dick than have to sit through that wretched piece of shit for more than 5 seconds. If it wasn’t for Naomi Watts’ being so hot, I would’ve burned off my dick with the fiery hate growing in my soul after watching that horrid travesty.
    The strange thing is that if Bjork was in Tank Girl instead of Satan, er, I mean Lori Petty, the movie could’ve been tolerable. I wouldn’t have to sit here thinking about ape cock, 10 year old boys, and burning my dick with hate. But no. Life doesn’t work like that. There may be a time when there’s no longer war in the Middle East, famine and poverty may someday be eliminated, terrorists might even stop terrorizing…but Lori Petty will always be in Tank Girl.

    Bjork is cool.

  2. Im clapping.

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