Hear me out

Chemical Brothers – Swoon, 2010:

Orbital – Halcyon, 1992:

Is this the same fucking song?

But then again, Orbital ripped the vocals from Opus III – I’ts a Fine Day, also from ’92:

Oh, but Opus III’s version is a cover on the original by Jane & Barton from 1983:


5 Responses

  1. Note that I do have to give ChemBros credit for at least putting out new stuff (which is still good), as opposed to Orbital which keeps releasing greatest hits compilations that are not great. Their last one was rated 3/10 by one magazine.

  2. If you can distinguish the beat you weren’t taken enough drugs.

    You need to do something like this, not all of us can sit through a 9minute song!

  3. Ok, try 6:15 into this one, and compare to ChemBros:

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