Im only telling you about this because I hate you

My new obsession:

Yeah, I know its like big deal looks like another janky RPG someone cooked up in their garage over a weekend, but you have to try it.  Its been called a puzzle roguelike, which I think is a pretty good description.  There isn’t much stochasticity aside from the layout of the board, which makes success largely skill based.

I beat the game 3 times, each time unlocks new subquests and classes.

So go download it: Desktop Dungeons.

13 Responses

  1. ahhh! my eyes are on fire!

    damn you ari.

  2. can’t seem to get past this point

  3. 37128 – beat the library with a Human Berserker

  4. The monk is fucking useless – I can’t do jack with him.

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