Open your eyes. Your eyes are open.

Robot Unicorn Attack on [Adult Swim].

My HS is at 24434.

18 Responses

  1. 26384

    that music is great

  2. That game is sapping my powers of heterosexuality… third time through i was thinking girls with unbleached mustaches aren’t so bad…

    … must focus on Amber Lamps’ purple pants…

    • Is that a tie-in between Epic Beard Man and Robot Unicorn Attack At 0:50?

      Additionally, its usually preferable to take out your retainer before singing.

      • Of course there is a direct correlation between the AC Transit Bus Fight and the release of Robot Unicorn Attack. Those in-tune with universe like myself and the wise congregation at 4chan would not miss this fact.

        Praise Tarvu!

      • I’ll bite – whats the connection?

      • Much like all matters of spirituality; the meaning becomes meaningless if explained. This is the reason why all cultures answer to non-believers is banishment or death.

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