Humppas ate my neighboors

7 Responses

  1. Genie: Thanks for freeing me! I will now grant you one wish.
    Man: Bring the Finnish Karelia back to Finland!
    Genie: That’s too big a wish, maybe a smaller one?
    Man: OK, let Finland win the Eurovision Song Contest even once!
    Genie: Hmm… let me see that map again…


  2. I hear Ladoga Karelia is beautiful this time of year

  3. took me half a minute to get which song this was. nice

  4. More Euro-vision hilarity; this time from the Swedes…

  5. this is epic on so many levels!

    It’s like ‘Rocky VI: Drago’s Revenge’
    or ‘Showdown in Little Tokyo II: Drago’s Revenge’

  6. I gotta say I was crushed that it turns out Dolph is a Swedish and not USSRian… it makes his threat level drop from Scottish Tartan down to Warm Green.

  7. i could’ve sworn he was German

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