The best motherfucking singer arrrrrrrouuuuuuuuund

Heavy Metal Parking Lot:

Full 16 min documentary over at Hulu.

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Watch out, watch out, in yo face.

Lesson: If you are gonna lip-sync in your vid, it generally helps to keep your lips synced.

Yo man, dont ask me

From TigSource.

This is why I vomited

This is Why You’re Fat is a website filled with culinary abominations like Spam Wontons, Corn Dog Casserole, and The Widowmaker.  Another is Cheetos Coated in Strawberry Yogurt Glaze, which is just stupid.

Below is a picture of the “Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich” which consists of leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, mac & cheese, spinach balls, puerto rican rice, brussel sprouts, pearl onions, bacon, White Castle hamburgers and ravioli in a foot long bun.  I have a lot of problems with this one.  First, White Castle? Really?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Castle but it doesn’t need any help in giving you diarrhea, it does fine on its own.  Oh, and speaking of diarrhea – doesn’t this look like the kind of shit your shit would take if it had diarrhea?  I would ask Paul Cozzi, the man who submitted this, but I can only assume he’s dead now.  Let us observe a moment of silence but deadly in his memory.