My life would be so much better if I could get away with any of this

  1. Being a party person
  2. The costumes
  3. The dancing – half  I’m faded, half  I barely give a fuck, half bitches come
  4. Martian Viking with Vocoder
  5. Sweet enormous glasses
  6. Psychadelic Francis Drake
  7. Spastic floor tremors
  8. Flying elbow
  9. Partying in a gym
  10. Members only jackets
  11. Is that Wanda Sykes?
  12. Dope ass hats
  13. Rockin no stoppin
  14. B-boy smackdancing
  15. Space Bedouin rock out
  16. Tagging
  17. (Presumably) Non-gay man-on-man B-boy teabagging (ok, I dont really care for this one – just the gay type with Mike)
  18. Being a baby

Man I suck

One Response

  1. it seems that whenever us white people try to get away with stuff like this we just turn into GWAR or Hevisaurus

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