Happy Good Flush

I may not understand what they’re saying, but I know its all lies:

more toilet nastiness:

3 Responses

  1. perhaps Arino-san needs this seat!

    From the website:

    A ground breaking technology in personal hygiene. A specially designed nozzle produces a concentrated water stream which relieves the constipation and cleans the rectum.
    How it Works (watch video) Motorized nozzle sends a concentrated stream of clean water into the rectal vault, breaking up hardened feces and allowing for smooth and regular bowel movements.


    “We regard discarding bodily waste as an unpleasant, smelly, dirty process. Thanks to your Lotus Seat with PureStream, I discovered it doesn’t have to be.”

    “Thoroughly cleaning the anal and vaginal areas has never been so easy. It’s great! I especially appreciate the PureStream. It’s wonderful to be able to recommend something to relieve constipation other than drugs.”

    “Spending close to an hour on the “john” was the norm for me and I wasn’t always successful. I can tell you, it really works! I touch a button and thirty seconds later I’m done.”

    “When I get off my Lotus “throne,” I feel like a king”

    Good news is it’s available in Flushing, NY

  2. I think that woman is saying the enemas cleared up her acne.

    I too, have had that experience.

  3. Man that ice cream is nasty

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