This can only lead to the extinction of the human race

or, a great deal of incest

Robot Monster:

The evil alien “Ro-Man” has destroyed all but eight humans on Earth with his death ray, the “Calcinator”. Survivors include a family of five, a scientist, and two unseen assistants to the scientist in a spacecraft bound for an orbiting space platform carrying a garrison of human soldiers. All eight have developed an immunity to the death ray as a side effect of an antibiotic serum developed by the scientist. Ro-Man must destroy these survivors before his invasion of earth is complete. He is waylaid in his mission after developing an attraction towards Alice (earth babe), the eldest daughter of the family. He refuses to eliminate her, forcing “The Great Guidance”, leader of the aliens, to personally finish the unsavory task.

The entire movie over at ObscureMovies youtube playlist.  He’s got lots of other good stuff there too.

We dont get this sport in America

Because were too stupid to watch anything aside from cars making one big left turn for hours at a time (you know I’m talking about NASCAR).

So while the idiots in America are eating corn dogs drinking beer in the stands, in Europe, the spectators hang out like this:

And these are races that take place on anything but a proper racetrack.   Usually loose tarmac, gravel, dirt, mud, snow, or even ice.

I guess that proves Americans are smarter, because this doesn’t seem smart at all.

Watch everyone run out of the way just before death occurs:

Kate, you can’t leave me!!!