Slap all your troubles away with the slap chop

Yes, we already covered the original – but this is a dope ass remix.

From Giz.

I should point out that Giz mentions he got his ass kicked by a hooker (I had already learned this from Wiki) – well the shots are up on TheSmokingGun:

A hooker bite, or herpes, which is worse? I guess the hooker bite that gives you herpes.

The guy’s name is Vince Shlomi, so he must be Jewish.  Great.

I guess we get one Einstein and one of these guys, sounds fair.

This track still tears it up

I both love this and hate it deeply

I guess I love some of the hat designs, hate the people, and hate that they’re all this prettyboy 5950 whatever garbage.  Get the metallics out of there.