Your worst nightmare is real

You know the Aliens from Alien (sorry) have that mouth within a mouth?

Give momma a kiss

Give momma a kiss

Well it turns out Moray Eels have it as well (it just spends most of its time buried in the eel’s throat next to the esophagus).

The better to eat you with

The better to eat you with


Originally read this in National Geographic, but they didn’t have a good illustration of it online.

Over at impactLab.

And now, for your listening pleasure, we present “Proffesor von Wilhelm and his Fantasmagorical Scream-Device”

The Wilhelm Scream:

Sure this is cool, but *I* escaped one of Mike’s farts once.

Turkish truck driver Cem Tokac somehow survived when the semi blocking his view of the railroad tracks was hit by a train then plowed into him. His injuries? Cuts and bruises. You gotta see this.

Inquistr via Jalopnik.