Camel Jumping Technology makes it to Yemen


I could do this if I wasn’t so fat and lazy and high all the time.

Thanks to Ed for sharing this video with us. You are a true American, Ed. I salute you.

My parents never bought me this one

And I’ll never forgive them for it. I totally remember this being the game EVERYONE had to have for NES back in 3rd grade.

I like the Instant Hell Murder.

(Only true SFA fans will catch that reference.)

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Scientologist Extraordinary

He’s Eugene Mirman.

He’s a Scientologist.


He’s Tom Cruise.

He’s also a Scientologist.


at least he’s enjoying himself

Paul Miller AKA DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

“The Physics of Presence…but with Rhythm” – DJ Spooky

Ibid, d├ęsmarches, ibid


Spooky on “Why Can’t America Have Human Rights?”

“We have a great opportunity, during this time of war, to lead the world toward suicide and murder.

Let’s Roll.”

– G.W.Bush