Enter the Submachine…

…but first enter Jay Is Games for longer reviews, comments and walkthroughs

…Then, Enter the Submachine! (created by Mateusz Skutnik)

The First Submachine, Remixed

A classic “point n’ click”/”escape the room” posture. Point n’ click to Escape the rooms. Got it? Ok, just warming up.


Submachine 2: The Lighthouse

The machine is growing. Witness the birth of the Secret(17/20).


Submachine 3: The Loop

I got your Z-axis right here!

An infinite mesh of rooms to dazzle your fragile psyche.


Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure

The first Gem of Wisdom?


Submachine 4: The Lab

At Last!!! The entire subnet at your fingertips!


Submachine: Future Loop Foundation


Submachine 5: The Root

“Come with us Now on a Journey through Time and Space”…

…to the first Submachine.

Escape the Subnet!


Submachine 6: The Edge

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