Chris Angel Can Suck a Fat One

Grandma’s Boy

Form of DiarrheaBot

Little kids kicking ass

Proof that God doesn’t exist

I mean what the fuck. no way he would allow these things to live.

I think I’m gonna throw up now.

64 year old moron almost dies after drinking a liter of vodka in airport line

And before he did that, was he smoking crack?

An Odious Tale of Culinary Perversion

watch out for the prostitutes

Smart ass monkey

This crafty bananafucker’s smarter than you are!
I wonder what Darwin has to say about this.

To Catch a Dumbass

what the hell is wrong with people?

would you let this guy near your kids?

“like Rockaway Beach in the month of June”

Piven’s greatest moment

“Total nightmare, man.”

Welcome Back Ari!

I love you man!

Mikey, feel better now?

The chick’s reaction at 0:30 is priceless.

Will It Blend?

but wait! there’s more:

iPhonemarbles, glow sticks, lighters, crowbar, Chuck Norris, a blender


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