Who scares your mom more?

Yes. I’m sorry. They cancelled Frasier.

This is pretty awesome

I recommend skipping to 5:30, that’s when it gets good:


Happy Halloween

Next: lye shower

Not a great way to die.

Strike a pose

Start with the original or go straight for the gold:


This is so awesome theres no way it could get annoying after 5 minutes

Best one yet

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I keep expecting Vincent Price to start narrating

Spoiler Alert – If you watch this, you die in seven days:

krauserowns94: and afterwards some robbers went into his tomb and burned his body and he sat up while in the fire. He was like Jesus only better.

And a critique From Touching the Void:

$7? Mike will happily give you crabs for free.

Apparently its a Japanese report about a machine in China.

Remember people, avoiding cheap Chinese food is in your best health interests.

Apparently Zombie is Japanese for Zombie

A ghoulish act of necromancy

It can never be unseen.

Please take your poon and burn it in the fires of Mordor.

So… what are you doing for the next 50 years?

I guess I have a thing for girls that play the piano.

from Kotaku

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