They got this one right

“Mask?” what an asshole. We all know its cape and cowl

Freaky Bitches

Mark my words, this evil sorceress will kill us all:

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Yes. I’m sorry. They cancelled Frasier.

Morning Headlines

This would be great with saffron, black truffle and just a few shavings of Heston Blumenthal

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Study: Attractive People Tend to Earn More Money in the Fuckplace

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If you don’t laugh, you hate the troops…or just shit your pants

Its funny until he has to pay child support

The hottest 300-pound black man I’ve ever seen

Oh, that’s sad

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Like Kobayashi

I’ve seen him do it

Action News – It’s off the fuckin’ chain!

This shit gets me pumped:

Murderbitch is hot

Sluts, sluts, everywhere, and not a drop to drink


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