Purdy – Will be game #83

Being that Bastion is one of the few games I’ve truly enjoyed in the past half-decade, this will be a buy unless they totally blow it.

Is that whitewater death scene really necessary?

I literally have 82 games in my Steam Queue I need to play

But this has to go to the top.

Reminds me of the proper version of The Hobbit.

New World New Chess Championship!

Ooh, central air.

A Single Speck of Dust


I’m sorry Mario but your princess is damaged goods

Fuckin’ Asians, man


I think he’s sweet

Meet the Pyro:


So the director of 9 is using the source engine to make a movie

I’m in.

The gods look favorably upon those who hug ninjas

Rambo: Last Blood -


I killed all of my friends

But it’s ok, they were bitten by zombies.

Organ Trail

It’s a cross-country adventure through the zombie apocalypse and it’s up to you to make it to Safe Haven (with or without your companions):

How to Raise a Dragon

I sense a very small disturbance in the force…

Is it weird that I want this more than a full size machine?

here’s this

So… youre telling me I get to be a giant robot dinosaur?

[skip to 1:40]


She says no. He says move. She says no. BITCH MOVE!!! she moves, and then, he looks at the cabinet.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on R. Kelly’s face whenever he says “Oh shit!” Maybe some other stuff too. If you lose, reload to try again.


At least Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t in this one

Real Prince of Persia!


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