When shall we make love?

Don’t bring it up!!!


Future Rhodes scholar

Maybe Bane was Just Trying to Keep his Goatee Tidy?



Would you like to shave your goatee quickly and evenly every morning? The GoateeSaver is an easily adjustable goatee shaving template that will revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee. The GoateeSaver can be customized to your face in seconds, with three easy adjustments. Just place the GoateeSaver over your goatee and shave with your favorite razor to get the perfect look. The GoateeSaver is constructed with a mouthpiece for biting on to help keep the GoateeSaver firmly against the face. Note: Razor not included.

“Mask?” what an asshole. We all know its cape and cowl


The Death and Return of Superman

I feel he should be fatter

Hes jizzing like a GAU-8

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If only this were real

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Manhattan, I’m totally over you

Excellent! Fictional cartoon millionaire Charles Montgomery Burns scored the most write-in votes for mayor of New York, collecting 25, according to Board of Elections data.

From msnbc.

Seems like alot of people are picking up on this sentiment – here’s a song by LCD Soundsystem covered by Kermit that puts it well:

As far as I’m concerned, Tel-Aviv eclipsed Manhattan as my favorite city in the world.

Here’s one of the many reasons why (NSFW).

if this is a repost im sure you’ll get over it

Da Doowee Da Da Da DweeDow

You know how there are so many things you thought were totally the shit when you were a kid, and then you check it out again like 15 years later and it turns out to totally suck?

Thats the worst because its totally disillusioning, but there are a rare few things that actually hold up to the test of time:

  1. Legos
  2. Megaman 2
  3. Boobs

So anyway, I added The Tick dvds to my Netflix queue recently.  I was really pretty worried cause I figured it’d be one more thing that ended up actually sucking.  Totally the opposite – the show still completely kicks ass, and I think I like it even more than before because I figured it naturally would suck.

So [like Ren and Stimpy and Exo Squad] you totally owe the show another look – a real 90s gem.

Less is more

Garfield Minus Garfield:




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