Happy New Year

The Springtime of Life Which Matches

file this under Tom Jones

Is it me or is she getting better?

Birthed from the fires of Heaven come five angel-messengers bestowing upon us the holy light of spiritual salvation

My favorite part is every part:

Dear Feds, Leave Ari Alone

At least one of these ought to work for you dude:

Warning: May Cause Headache, Seizures, Vomiting, Explosive Diarrhea… -

Warning: Meat Love -

Warning: Asian Girl with Violin (possibly a robot) -

[Talent like that gets filed under 'Tom Jones' - TLtG]

The Adventures of Sam and Tommy

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You want some birth control, you could smoke a cigarette

“Homely looking” – I’m gonna smack you.

69 is always better

Its not cute

Its disturbing:

At this point there is a 100% chance you’ve seen it, so sorry.

You don’t have to tell me…

…I was there!

[Comcast Theater, Hartford CT, Encore 6/18/2010] –

Sleeping Monkey -> Tweezer Reprise -> Tweezer Reprise Reprise:

Music of this caliber gets filed under Tom Jones Continue reading

Best Captain Hook Ever!

I want to be Brian Blessed when I grow up:

charm like that gets filed under Tom Jones

Best song to do The Admiral to?

From UrbanDictionary:

1. (n)(sexual)- A male is doing a female from behind. Both are standing and the male is not using his hands so that every pelvic thrust causes the female to be propeled forward some. When the male can move the female arount the room without hitting any furniture he is an “admiral.”

So whats the best Admiral track?

I propose some DubStep:

In honor of our blog’s 16th birthday…

…in 14 years.

Tom Jones:

The Platters:

Master Pimp

If it wasn’t for the herpes he most certainly has, I’d envy this man:

N.B. 1:14

file this under Chuck Norris


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